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The database allows you to select your preferred mortgage rate and compare hundreds ofcompetitive buy to let deals in real time. In addition to supplying you with the cheapest quote that meets your criteria; we will also provide a monthly repayment/ expenses breakdown and a forecast of investment returns. We offer the following types of mortgage:

Standard Variable Rate : SVR rates generally mirror the Bank of England's base rate, and are typically used as the default once a capped, fixed or discounted introductory period has expired.

Fixed Rate : Fixed mortgage allow investors to keep close control over their monthly incomings and outgoings.

Discounted Rate : For a fixed period the interest rate will be set below the SVR.

Capped Rate : A capped mortgage follows the SVR with a fixed upper limit.

LIBOR Rate : The London Inter Bank Offered Rate reflects is set by City lenders. It is similar to the SVR although it is only calculated every quarter.

Base Tracker Rate : Base tracker mortgages are fixed to the base rate and rise and fall strictly in-line with changes in the Bank of England's base rate.

Flexile Mortgages : If the market is uncertain it makes sense to choose a flexible repayment plan. But it's worth noting that flexibility come at a price, and you are likely to face higher interest rates. can also arrange overseas and minimal status buy to let mortgages.